The Rudest Collection Release Information

Get ready for The Rudest Collection, launching July 2024! Don't miss out—shop now to secure your items.

Update: due to extreme demand the new collection will now ship July 25th. Secure your items now to avoid disappointment. This is a very limited one-off release.

Products included in the July release:

  • The Rudest Giant Beach Towels
  • The Rudest Swimming Briefs
  • The Rudest Jockstraps
  • The Rudest Boxers
  • The Rudest Ombre Socks

Products ship locally from our warehouses:

U.S.A.: We ship from Alabama

U.K.: We ship from Plymouth

E.U.: We ship from Barcelona

There are no additional taxes on any of our products. The price you see is the final price you pay.

Due to high demand, we highly recommend shopping before the official release to ensure you get your size and the design you want. Hurry, before they're gone!